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Click on any of the links below to check out the main headhunting agencies for international schools. Most charge to join and most host job fairs.

Council of International Schools

The major headhunting and accreditation agency for international schools. Huge job fairs, but not usually pro-active in helping you look.



European Council of International Schools

Another long-standing headhunting and accreditation agency for international schools. Despite the name, it has member schools from all over the world. Also not pro-active in helping you look for a new position.



Search Associates

A long-standing headhunting agency that costs more to join and has higher fees if they find you a job, but is much more pro-active in representing their members.



International Schools Services

Another long-established headhunting agency based in the US. They hold one of the major job fairs for international schools. Their site also has lots of tips and advice.



TIE Online

The website of the well-known newspaper, The International Educator. They have job postings, but usually these are out of date.



Times Educational Supplement

An online version of the Times' Teaching Job Want Ads. Many positions are for UK schools, but there are often also international positions as well. Like TIE Online, the positions are often out of date.

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Known Vacancies


Let's help colleagues get a jump on their dream job. Most international school jobs are never advertised. Help your colleagues beat the rush. Any known vacancies, send us an email and we'll post it!


Frankfurt International School:

Middle School Math/Science (definite)

IB History/ToK (tentative)

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